Wanna be a wiz on the Safety Quiz? If you've got the safety smarts for splashing down a water slide, going up an escalator or even playin' it safe in your own backyard - then get into the spotlight and prove it! Click PLAY now!

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is pleased to present, through its TSSA Kids Zone website, the Safety Quiz Show - a zany on-line quiz game where kids are invited to demonstrate how much they know about having fun and being safe at the same time.

With kids' ages 8- to 10-years-old in mind, and challenged with the need to provide age-appropriate safety information in a fun, interactive and engaging learning environment, TSSA offers kids an exciting and awesome new way to learn about safety through funky online entertainment.

Players start off their game show experience by being introduced to the show's friendly, but high-energy host, who preps each player on how to be a contestant on the Safety Quiz Show in the studio's green room.

With a lively audience cheering on, the Safety Quiz Show begins and players are quizzed on their safety knowledge of safety topics involving: escalators, amusement rides, water slides, go-karts, ski lifts, summer fuel safety, and fall fuel safety. Using questions in multiple-choice, true and false and fill-in-the-blank formats, kids are challenged to achieve the highest score possible.

Just like a real game show on television, entertaining mini-commercials are additionally used throughout the game show to provide kids with important safety messages.

Kids are also provided a means to explore information about the various safety topics at their own pace, using the safety topic pages found on the TSSA Kids Zone website. Kids can improve their game score with these pages, while increasing their knowledge on safety at the same time.

Kids can play the game on their own, or challenge friends and/or grown-ups to play with them, giving them the opportunity to impress friends and family members with how much they know about being safe.

With the safety know-how they'll gain by playing the game, they can feel confident in making a positive difference at home, school and play.