Escalators are a quick way to get from one floor to another, but you can get hurt if you don't ride them safely. So the next time you step onto an escalator, use your safety smarts to make sure you have a smooth ride.


These simple reminders will keep you safely on your feet:

  • Don't horse around when you're about to get on or off an escalator. It's important to step on or off the stairs carefully.
  • Once you're on the escalator, stand in the centre of the step. If you stand right next to the sides, there's a slight chance your foot or clothing could become caught between the escalator stairs and the side walls.
  • Always hold on to the handrails.
  • Make sure you always stand facing forward.
  • If you're riding with younger kids, pay close attention to them and always hold their hands.
  • Use some fashion sense. Keep loose clothing like long coats, scarves, and shoelaces clear of the steps and sides of the escalator. That way, they can't get trapped in the stairs.
  • Keep items like purses, backpacks, and shopping bags away from the handrails.
  • You're not in a race. Never run up or down an escalator.
  • Don't stop and chat with your friend once you step off an escalator. Move away quickly from the exit areas, so the riders behind you can keep moving as well.
  • Take an elevator if you have luggage or if someone in your family is pushing a stroller.
  • Just to be on the safe side, have a quick look around and find the escalator's emergency stop buttons. You never know when you might need them.